There are lies, damn lies and Democrat ‘Jefferson-Jackson Dinner’ lies

Photo by Yuri Polozov

Last night the New Hampshire Democrat Party held their annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner. All three of their presidential candidates spoke at the event as well as Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Governor Maggie Hassan. There were many whoppers told during each of their speeches but most especially from Hillary Clinton.

The event started with supporters outside cheering on their candidates. Once again, Sanders seemed to garner the most support. In what were chants more eerily reminiscent of the Occupy debacle, supporters were chanting about Bernie Sanders and his supposed support for the middle class and working families. A common theme among all Democrats whose policies actually hurt the middle class.


By 3pm Hillary Clinton’s supporters had already left their area but based on the number of signs in a pile, there didn’t appear to be nearly as many as for Sanders. O’Malley once again had a small crowd of supporters who were championing the fact that he took rights away from residents of Maryland while he was governor. O’Malley made an appearance to talk with his supporters before the event began.


There were also a few protesters, including some union members from WMUR who are upset that their pensions are not being transferred into the union pension fund as other unions have previously had done.
The speeches were par for the course. Senator Jeanne Shaheen, who refused to give any town halls for years and has only this year given a few random town halls, yet was introduced as a politician who ‘cares’ about New Hampshire. Ironically she also talked about civility in political debates. Apparently she hasn’t seen how Democrats treat anyone who disagrees with them.

Governor Maggie Hassan also spoke and of course brought up the shooting in Colorado. Democrats call it the ‘Planned Parenthood Shooting’ yet not one worker or ‘patient’ of Planned Parenthood was injured. Hassan also spoke about the defunding of Planned Parenthood yet fails to mention that it only amounted to $2/month per woman in New Hampshire. Hassan talked about ‘progress’ that has been made in New Hampshire yet she voted against the civil rights of Granite Staters all while increasing spending and creating a new class of government dependents that are going to bankrupt the state in the form of Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion.

Martin O’Malley says he wants to continue Obama’s failed policies and used his executive experience as a failed governor of Maryland as a reason to vote for him. Meanwhile he once again demonized the NRA all while talking about fear-driven politics. The irony seems to have been lost on his supporters. He also spoke about fascism in one breath then said he would absolutely take the rights of Americans away with the same type of draconian gun control laws he put into place in Maryland (which is one of the most dangerous states in the country).

The liar-of-the night award absolutely goes to Hillary Clinton which probably comes as no surprise. She pretended that she knows anything about economics (note that none of the Democrat candidates seem to have any clue about economics) and seemed to have forgotten that her husband cut taxes when he was in office. She also talked about the ‘Clinton Surplus’ myth. Clinton also brought up the false narrative that women don’t earn equal pay. Apparently Clinton and Democrats have forgotten that the Equal Pay Act was passed into law way back in the 1960s. Women indeed earn equal pay and have for many years now.

Clinton also talked about gun control which is ironic given herself and her family have armed security for life paid for by the taxpayers. The biggest and most outrageously pathetic statement from Hillary Rodham Clinton was the following:

We need more love and kindness.

This coming from a woman who victimized her husband’s sexual assault victims; who used the FBI to get information on Republicans; who used the IRS to target conservatives and who demonizes anyone who doesn’t agree with her or support her. Not only does Clinton have a horrible reputation for how she treats people but she certainly isn’t known for being a loving or kind person by anyone other than maybe her granddaughter.

All in all there isn’t much difference in the Democrat presidential candidate policies. They all want to raise taxes, increase spending, increase the size of government, increase entitlements and decrease the rights of Americans. The only difference between the three are the varying degrees of corruption or lunacy. The Jefferson-Jackson Dinner simply showcased their far left wing extreme stances that go against the majority of what Americans actually stand for or want.