Trans Activists Want to CHANGE, via Force, Everyone Around Them

Republican Governor Chris Sununu wants to silence women with gender identity bill.

HB 1319 is still sitting on Republican Governor Chris Sununu’s desk, waiting to be signed. Sununu pushed for this legislation from the very beginning, despite not running on it and despite Granite Staters killing the exact same legislation the year before he was elected. Sununu doesn’t seem to grasp that forcing others, via the long arm of the law, to accept the beliefs of individuals, isn’t a winning strategy.

Sununu also doesn’t seem to grasp the very real ramifications that happen to women as a result of gender identity legislation. It’s seems that Sununu and other ill-informed Republican men – Senators Jeb Bradley, John Reagan, Dan Innis and James Gray,  don’t understand the consequences to women when public policy is changed so that anyone claiming to be a woman is treated as such under the law.

There actually is a legal definition of women:

This is the definition used in public policy. The definition of woman has been around since the beginning of time, as has the definition of man but at some point they were codified in law. The definitions haven’t changed.

What changed are those biological men and women, aka trans, who believe they are the opposite gender of their biological sex. These individuals have every right to believe whatever they want of themselves but with the gender identity legislation, they aren’t seeking acceptance, they are forcing compliance to their individual beliefs.

Trans activists want to CHANGE, via the long arm of the law, ingrained in public policy, everyone around them.

Over 97% of society ‘identifies’ as the gender associated with their biological sex. Trans people identify with the opposite gender of their biological sex. What’s their solution for their own problem? Force everyone to believe what they believe of themselves as individuals.

While they’re at it, they want to redefine the gender identity of those in the 97%. They want to redefine man to include biological women and redefine women to include biological men.

The gender identity bill isn’t about discrimination. Trans people already have the same rights to sue for discrimination as everyone else in the state. In fact, they’ve been using existing discrimination laws to file suit for the past two decades.

A case about this proves the point exactly. A trans student (in this case a biological female who ‘identifies’ as a boy) was provided with private, separate facilities to use at the school. THAT wasn’t good enough. He sued because this trans boy wanted to be treated AS a boy even though he will never actually BE a boy.

The case was occasioned when Gavin Grimm, a student in the Gloucester County Public Schools, began using the men’s bathroom. Grimm, who is now 19 and has since graduated, was born female but identifies as male. Gloucester County schools require transgender students to use alternative bathrooms.

Trans activists want to change everyone around THEM, not simply be accepted for who they are as human beings or as trans people. They want to force everyone, via the law, to have to conform to THEIR individual beliefs and gender identities at the same time redefining the gender identities of the majority to serve THEIR needs and wants.

And if you dare disagree you’re labelled a ‘transphobe,’ ‘TERF’ (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist), or ‘bigot,’ it’s how trans activists try to silence their opposition, the majority who happen to be women. It’s unfortunate that Governor Sununu is going along with these trans activists and seeks to silence Granite State women for fighting to maintain their own ‘gender identity’ and the rights they fought for over decades.