Trump team uses Clinton tactics: Victimize the victim

Yesterday it was reported that because Buzzfeed and Fox News “inadvertently” kept reporter Michelle Fields’ address and phone number in the police report they posted that she had to temporarily leave her home due to threats she was getting. Fields is the reporter who is at the center of “LYINdowskiGate” where Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was accused of grabbing her away from Trump in the midst of asking a question about Affirmative Action after an event.

From the very beginning Lewandowski claimed nothing ever happened as did Trump. After pressure to report the incident to the local police, Fields did. Lewandowski was charged with simply battery just the other day because Trump’s own security video from his hotel showed that Lewandowski did indeed grab Fields and pull her back.

What has happened throughout this entire incident has been ripped right from theClinton’s own playbook – do something wrong; get called out for it; lie about any involvement; blame the victim and assassinate their character. It’s classic. The Clintons were known for doing this to many women during their reign of terror in politics. They have victimized many of their victims (especially Bill’s alleged sexual assault victims) in this very manner.

Let’s look at it play by play. Lewandowski did indeed grab Fields and pull her back. This is true.


First it was reported that Fields was grabbed and pulled back from Trump after an event. Lewandowski immediately denies the allegation calling Fields “delusional” and saying he never met her. Trump says that “nothing happened. She made it up.” Trump even said that there was no video of the incident and there were a lot of cameras there. He also added that the Secret Service said nothing happened as well.

Begin character assassination:

The Trump camp begins to question the credibility of Fields and her reporting by posting other stories in her past. They still deny any wrong doing. Trump’s supporters are now harassing the woman as well. They claim that if it really happened then she should file a police report. She did.

Fields also loses her job on Eric Bolling’s Saturday show because Bolling is in the tank for Trump. She has to resign from her job at Breitbart (as did several others) because they too are in the tank for Trump and wouldn’t stand by her.

Victim blaming:

The Jupiter Police Department charges Lewandowski with simple battery and releasesDonald Trump’s OWN security video that shows Lewandowski grabbing her back. A Secret Service Agent was right behind her and Trump. Lewandowski had to catch up to Trump and literally put his arm in between Trump and the Secret Service to grab her. This was witnessed by a Washington Post reporter as well.

Now that there is video evidence proving Fields story is true what does the Trump camp do? Make up some new stories and talk about how much she exaggerated (she wasn’t almost pulled to the ground as she stated however she may have been pulled that hard she thought that was the intent).

The Trump team continues to make up lies and smears about Fields and has thoroughly assassinated her character in typical Clintonian style. False memes are being pushed. Bogus websites are being pushed and Trump supporters are not only completely uninformed thanks to Trump but they have treated Fields horribly. What they have done to her cannot be repeated here.

This is exactly how the Clintons worked to destroy their victims. When they were indeed guilty, they would destroy their victims in any way possible to be sure no one believed the actual victim. Trump is doing the same exact thing. That Trump supporters don’t see how absolutely horrifying this man and his team is with what they are doing is unconscionable.

One of the big reasons many women deplore Hillary Clinton is because of what she did to her husband’s victims. Does the Trump team really think they are scoring any points with anyone other than blind followers? They have destroyed this woman’s life and continue to do so. No one should support that. No one should be blaming the victim of Lewandowski and Trump. Trump is indeed using Clinton tactics and it is despicable, egregious and far from Presidential unless you are Hillary Clinton.